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d.o.b. 31/05/2011

BVA HD 3:1 - ED 0:0 - Eyes Clear – GR_PRA1 clear GR_PRA2 clear

“Solo” is the symbol of elegance,he  is exactly "my" type. If I had to describe how a "classic", golden is,  I would describe him. Sweet, cheerful but always composed, extremely balanced in any situation. His pedigree is full concept of Beauty and Brain; His father (PlCh Chinnordale Skydiver) is a multi show  champion, but at the same time an excellent hunting dog, like his mother, my beloved Menta (FtWinner Royal Crest Gld-n Last Shot). “Solo” is in cownership with my friend Laura Guerra, kennel “Delle code di Miele” (